Junior Trade-in Program

Ski West Junior Ski Equipment Trade in Program

We want to make sure your kids love this sport as much as you do. This starts with ensuring they have a great selection of equipment to choose from and that they are sized correctly so they can ski their best and have tons of fun on the hill. For your child’s skill development, fun maximization and safety reasons, we recommend sizing your child to get through one season but, since we can’t predict how your child will grow, we give you up to two years to return your equipment.


  1. Purchase selected new children’s equipment (skis, boots, bindings) at Ski West.
  2. At the end of one season bring equipment in for sizing and binding evaluation.
  3. Return it to Ski West and receive 50% of the original purchase price towards your next children’s equipment purchase. Equipment that is excessively worn or damaged will be subject to reconditioning costs or a reduced trade in amount. Equipment broken or condidered unsafe can not be traded in.

Our ski/binding packages are $199 – $249, and boots start at $79.95. Performance ski packages start at $399.95.

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