Ski Maintenance

Ski Equipment Maintenance in Calgary  

Ski West uses the state of the art Montana Snow Cruiser with Crystal Glide Finish.  The following steps are taken by our service technicians will keep your skis performing as if they were brand new:


Your skis will be tuned in 5 steps on high precision robotic Montana Snow Cruiser:

1. Base Repair

Hi quality P-TEX is extruded into all damaged areas of the base.

2. Stone Grinding

Using the MONTANA stone grinding system, many different structures can be produced: from simple linear structures up to complex vario structures. MONTANA-stone grinding means absolutely fiber free grinding of the ski base with a crystal glide finish.  That means faster skis and easier to ski. 

3. Side Edge Tuning

The unique MONTANA Side Edge System grinds the side edge in an exact angle. The specially developed ceramic sanding belts are guided in an exact angle over the ceramic sliding block, the result for the edge is:

  • Exact side edge angle over the total length of the ski
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Long-lasting sharpness of the edge
  • Material saving procedure

4. Base Edge Tuning

The unique MONTANA-HTT-Tuning System polishes the base edge. The burrs which have been produced during the grinding of the side edge will be removed. The specially developed grinding stones will be shaped in an exact angle, the result for the edge is:
Exact base edge angle over the entire length of the ski.

  • High-polish result
  • Long-lasting sharpness of the edge
  • Material saving procedure

5. Waxing & Polishing

 Infrared Waxing is the latest proven waxing technology with the highest requirements for far better gliding and protection properties.  Without any direct ski contact or temperature shock the WAX FUTURE  glides at variable speed over the base and allows the wax to penetrate deep into the polyethylene base. The application is independant of the outside temperature (no condensation as normal when using the iron).  Based on an optimized wax application you will get a higher wax penetration and absorption which results in long lasting gliding capacity of the ski and snowboard bases especially with hard waxes. The even distribution of the temperature over the whole ski leads to a homogeneous wax penetration.
Please inquire at Ski West for all prices.
Our high quality services include several options:

  • $90 Race Tune-up (base repair, Montana Vario grind, edge sharpen at preffered angle, low fluore wax and base polish)
  • $65 Full Ski Tune-up (base repair, stone grind, edge sharpen and hot wax and base polish)
  • $55 Minor tune (same as full tune w/o base repair)
  • $40 Sharpen, wax and polish (no base repair or base grind)
  • $20 Hot Wax
  • $80 Tec Mount or Re-Mount
  • $70 Mount
  • $20 Adjustment
  • Base Grind only
  • Base Repair
  • Boot Punches and Adjustments
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