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Since 1974 | Calgary's Largest dedicated Ski Shop.

With each and every customer we work extra hard to earn our reputation of unparalleled ski knowledge and experience. We don’t just sell ski gear and clothing, we take our responsibilities towards our customers very seriously. We’re proud to be the only 100% alpine ski shop in Calgary, We don’t just ski, we live skiing. Our caring and experienced staff are committed to helping you make the most out of each and every ski outing.

With over 7000 square feet of the most extensive and carefully curated selection of premium ski gear and ski clothing anywhere, we’re committed to respectfully assisting and guiding you in your selection of equipment and ski wear. Whether it be professional bootfitting, base layer selection or help in finding your perfect powder ski, we the team at Ski West are uniquely qualified to satisfy your every ski need and want.

We only sell the top brands that we believe in, that we’d use ourselves and that we know will give you maximum fun, performance, safety, smiles, and comfort. We endeavor to provide you with the expert advice that you yearn-for in order to guide you in selecting the right equipment, the coolest gear and the ultimate underwear and outerwear best suited to your style and your sense of adventure.

And let’s not forget about our promises, like our promise that we won’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied, that if you take our recommendation, you will love the skis you purchase, or our promise that the boots you buy will fit well or we’ll make them fit well, and last but not least our promise that you won’t pay more for the same stuff elsewhere... Sure there are details and conditions associated with these promises (check out the details on our website) but at the end of the day, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated in the way that we’d like to be treated, that we won’t be happy until you’re happy. Life’s too short, drop in and see us to get the most out of your ski season, we’re here for you.

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