Unisex Snowboards

Sale -20%
Yonex Yonex Smooth 2024

Yonex Smooth 2024

Loved by all. A Smooth riding board for all ability levels. A genuine balanced, ..
C$1,349.99 C$1,079.99
Sale -35%
Slash Slash Happy Place 2024

Slash Happy Place 2024

C$604.99 C$393.24
Sale -20%
Yonex Yonex Achse 2024

Yonex Achse 2024

A board busting with carbon-graphite power.
Highly resilient base specifically ..
C$1,249.99 C$999.99
Sale -20%
Nidecker Nidecker Escape 2024

Nidecker Escape 2024

C$579.99 C$463.99
Sale -30%
K2 K2 Excavator 2024

K2 Excavator 2024

Sporting a broad nose and subtle swallowtail, the Excavator showcases a fluid al..
C$649.99 C$454.99
Sale -35%
Slash Slash ATV 2024

Slash ATV 2024

A cambered directional twin built for everything the mountain has to offer..
C$796.99 C$518.04
Sale -30%
K2 K2 Hypnotist 2024

K2 Hypnotist 2024

K2 Hypnotist is a freestyle, true-twin, park board built for advanced to expert ..
C$679.99 C$475.99
Sale -30%
K2 K2 Medium 2024

K2 Medium 2024

Designed with a symmetrical shape, full camber profile, and integrated Carbon Da..
C$619.99 C$433.99
Sale -20%
Nidecker Nidecker Escape Plus 2024

Nidecker Escape Plus 2024

C$649.99 C$519.99
Sale -20%
Yonex Yonex Stylaholic 2024

Yonex Stylaholic 2024

Whether you're landing big air in the park, or jibbing perfectly placed side-hit..
C$1,299.99 C$1,039.99
Sale -20%
Yonex Yonex Rev 2024

Yonex Rev 2024

A high resilience + ultra-lightweight swing weight structured Japanese-made snow..
C$1,399.99 C$1,119.99
Sale -35%
Slash Slash Spectrum 2024

Slash Spectrum 2024

Park board with camber
C$564.99 C$367.24
Sale -35%
Slash Slash Brainstorm 2024

Slash Brainstorm 2024

Made with backcountry freestyle center of mind, the Brainstorm is a directional ..
C$699.99 C$454.99
Sale -50%
SIMS SIMS Nub 2022

SIMS Nub 2022

C$799.99 C$399.99
Sale -21%
SIMS SIMS Undertaker 2024

SIMS Undertaker 2024

If you want to kill it all, on one board, call in the Undertaker...
C$779.99 C$619.99
Sale -20%


The ATV is a long-nosed twin tip with a Traditional Camber profile and MOD 3 Cor..
C$749.99 C$599.99
Sale -30%
K2 K2 Alchemist 2024

K2 Alchemist 2024

Engineered for high-speed freeriding, the K2 Alchemist Snowboard takes on a dire..
C$849.99 C$594.99
Sale 0%
Nidecker Nidecker Gamma 2024

Nidecker Gamma 2024

The Gamma offers immense enjoyment as it lends itself to playful maneuvers and c..
C$479.99 C$479.99
Sale -20%
Nidecker Nidecker Sensor Plus 2024

Nidecker Sensor Plus 2024

C$649.99 C$519.99
Sale -20%
SIMS SIMS Bowl Squad 2024

SIMS Bowl Squad 2024

C$539.99 C$431.99
Sale -20%
Nidecker Nidecker Gamma APX 2024

Nidecker Gamma APX 2024

C$699.99 C$559.99
Sale -20%
Nidecker Nidecker Sensor 2024

Nidecker Sensor 2024

C$549.99 C$439.99
Sale -20%
SIMS SIMS Bowl Squad Pro 2024

SIMS Bowl Squad Pro 2024

The people’s Snowboard. Squad up. If you are new to snowboarding and looking f..
C$539.99 C$431.99
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