Ski West Mountain Division

Ski West Mountain Division

Since 1974, Ski West has proudly been Calgary’s largest purveyor of the finest ski gear and ski clothing. In April of 2021, we decided that it was time to spread the Ski West love so to speak... to broaden our appeal while keeping a keen eye on what Ski West did best.

No matter how we evolve, rest assured that we’ll never waiver on our commitment to provide you with the best service, the best advice, and the best product available.

The Mountain Division Project (as we call it) is born of our desire to expand our ski product mix in order to better serve our customers both in Calgary, online, and beyond. MTN Division is also an opportunity to focus on a a couple new sports for us: Snowboarding and Skateboarding.

Ski West Mountain Division (as we’ve decided to call our second location) will not only be the incubator for all our silly ideas and master plans, it will also be the hub for our online operations as well as warehousing for our growing business.

While our existing Kensington location will continue to be the mainstay of our Ski West retail operations, Mountain Division will be where we grow new brands, where we fine-tune our systems, and where we expand our horizons.




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