Volkl Volkl Deacon S 2022

Volkl Deacon S 2022

The Volkl Deacon S is a revelation - all mountain skiing with big radii redefined.
C$599.99 C$299.99
Volkl Volkl Mantra 2022 - Junior

Volkl Mantra 2022 - Junior

The Volkl Mantra Junior features a wide shape, offering floatation in soft snow with an ideal match between its camber profile and smooth flex.
C$299.99 C$149.99
Volkl Volkl Katana 108 2023 - Demo + Marker Griffon 2022 Demo

Volkl Katana 108 2023 - Demo + Marker Griffon 2022 Demo

The legend is back! Refined with a 3D radius sidecut and a Titanal frame. Demo skis mounted with Marker Griffon bindings.
C$1,269.99 C$634.99
Volkl Volkl Revolt 104 2023

Volkl Revolt 104 2023

The Revolt 104 is a freestyle ski designed for everyday use on the slopes or in the park.
C$699.99 C$349.99
Volkl Volkl Mantra M6 2024

Volkl Mantra M6 2024

There’s only one ski that’s better than the Mantra M5: the Mantra M6.
Volkl Volkl Kenja 88 2023 - Women's

Volkl Kenja 88 2023 - Women's

For women and girls who don’t want to commit to just one style or one area of use.
C$829.99 C$414.99
Volkl Volkl Revolt 84 2023

Volkl Revolt 84 2023

The Revolt 87 is a specialist for the freestyle disciplines that build on full support over the entire length of the ski.
C$659.99 C$329.99
Volkl Volkl Flair S 2022

Volkl Flair S 2022

The Volkl Flair is a ski for the fun loving woman who is newly excited about skiing and wants the right tool to help begin her adventures as a real skier.
C$599.99 C$299.99
Volkl Volkl Race SL 100 Year SE 2024

Volkl Race SL 100 Year SE 2024

For the 100th anniversary Völkl has a very special surprise for all ski enthusiasts! They are launching a limited version of the RACETIGER SL, and the whole thing is simply stunning! Only 1923 pairs are available and that makes this anniversary very speci
Volkl Volkl Secret 96 2022 - Women's

Volkl Secret 96 2022 - Women's

A ski for the rad woman who is a ripper in all conditions and wants a ski that will support her from bell to bell, top to bottom, yet allow her enough in the tank to après like a rockstar afterward.
C$849.99 C$424.99
Volkl Volkl Racetiger SL R W/Plate  2023 -Junior

Volkl Racetiger SL R W/Plate 2023 -Junior

As close as it gets to the pro racing circuit.
Volkl Volkl Kendo 88 2024

Volkl Kendo 88 2024

Whatever your style of descent – piste or terrain – the Kendo can do it.
Volkl Volkl Katana 2022 - Junior

Volkl Katana 2022 - Junior

The Volkl Katana Junior offers a full rocker construction to suit young rockers' needs.
C$449.99 C$224.99
Volkl Volkl Flair 76 Elite -Womens 2024

Volkl Flair 76 Elite -Womens 2024

A ski for the fun-loving woman who feels she is beginning to excel on the frontside of the mountain and aspires to master it.
Volkl Volkl Deacon 84 2024

Volkl Deacon 84 2024

84 mm middle width for maximum pleasure on icy or fresh covered slopes. The ideal on-piste carver for changing snow conditions.
Volkl Volkl Deacon X 2024

Volkl Deacon X 2024

The entry-level Deacon, perfectly adapted for beginners’ needs.
Volkl Volkl Katana VWerks 2024

Volkl Katana VWerks 2024

Pow ski, touring ski or travel ski? The Völkl Katana V-Werks Skis are the correct answer to any of the above questions.
Volkl Volkl Blaze 106 2024

Volkl Blaze 106 2024

The Blaze 106 is a light, agile powder ski that is constructed with maneuverability in mind.
Volkl Volkl Blaze 106 2023 + Marker Griffon Demo

Volkl Blaze 106 2023 + Marker Griffon Demo

Volkl Blaze 106 Demo skis with Marker Griffon bindings.
Volkl Volkl Blaze 94 2024

Volkl Blaze 94 2024

Do it all in deep snow – at 94 mm, this is a real master of every snow scenario.
Volkl Volkl Rolling 24" All Pro Duffel Bag

Volkl Rolling 24" All Pro Duffel Bag

With more space than a carryon, the midsized roller bag is an optimally sized piece for a weeklong jaunt or big weekend.
Volkl Volkl Racetiger SL Master WC-PC 2024

Volkl Racetiger SL Master WC-PC 2024

The faster the turn, the bigger the adrenaline rush
Volkl Volkl Revolt 96 2024

Volkl Revolt 96 2024

The Völkl Revolt 96 Skis, ready to mix it up and start some trouble at a mountain near you.

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