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Volkl Deacon V-Werks Lowride 2024
Volkl Deacon V-Werks Lowride 2024
Volkl Deacon V-Werks Lowride 2024
Volkl Deacon V-Werks Lowride 2024

Volkl Deacon V-Werks Lowride 2024

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All-mountain at its best. Featuring Völkl’s innovative tailored carbon tips and tails, the ultra-sporty, versatile and light Deacon V.WERKS delivers everything modern ski technology has to offer. Read more..

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Product description

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the Völkl R&D team proves you wrong – as they have with the Deacon V.WERKS edition. The premium model with 84 mm under the boot and a weight of just 1,830 grams (177 cm length w/o binding) features Völkl’s innovative tailored carbon tips and tails. Never before has it been possible to distribute power so precisely to the areas under the most load while retaining a ski’s full dynamism and agility. The carbon fibres do not constitute a uniform fleece but are arranged instead across the body of the ski using a stitching process, with their orientation and strength tuned to the requirements of each point on the ski. The way a ski behaves is determined very much by the properties of its tip and tail, so they are the areas with the most carbon fibres. The result is remarkably agile, responsive performance on any slope, with minimal effort. The ski is built using our innovative 3D radius sidecut technology. This makes it possible to optimally tailor the tip and tail rocker design to the three interconnecting radii for excellent smoothness and stability at the highest speeds and in demanding piste conditions. To increase the power transmission and shock absorption qualities even further, the Deacon V.WERKS comes with a 0.7 mm thick Titanal frame that surrounds the most stressed tip and tail areas. This highly complex technical structure produces a completely new combination of liveliness and speed stability. The IPT Lowride binding system is lighter than its predecessor and has been carefully integrated into the ski body for impressive power transmission. If you’re looking for a highly versatile, powerful, super-light, high-performance all-mountain ski for smooth rides in all conditions, the Deacon V.WERKS is a must for your shortlist.


ski tech 3d full sensor woodcore

A very dynamic woodcore with a combination of hard wood, poplar, beech and isocore in the center and an super light hard wood poplar mix in the outer areas. The 3D Full Sensor Woodcore can be found in the Deacon V.Werks, Deacon 84 & Deacon 80.


Three radii in one ski for maximum TURNING & SPEED VERSATILITY IN ALL MOUNTAIN SKIING LONG TIP & TAIL RADIUS Usage of long radii at tip and tail for big turns and high speed // easy steering and maneuverability // disruption resistant at the tip // no radius limitation and ease of turn exit TIGHT CENTER RADIUS Usage of shorter radius in the center for short turns and lower speed // extremely easy to initiate short turns // strikingly agile // effortless and smooth in short turns


ski tech 3d glass

Compared to classic glass constructions the three-dimensional and multiple-folded glass layers in the tip and in the tail area result in an increased edge grip and a more vivid rebound behavior in turns. 1 3D.GLASS IS INTEGRATED IN THE TIP AND TAIL OF THE SKI // flat glass under the binding making the center softer // variable turning at any speed 2 GLASS ABOVE THE SIDEWALL //providing additional support for superior edge grip on icy slopes 3 VERTICAL GLASS IN TIP & TAIL AREA //more pop for faster edge to edge changes


ski tech 3d ridge

Central Woodcore Ridge with superslim wings to significantly reduce weight and swing weight and keep the stability where necessary. Our 3D.Ridge technology - is probably the most extreme and effective construction technique that currently exists. It has become a symbol of VÖLKL lightweight construction. The distinctive characteristic of this technology is a raised central ridge that sharply levels out towards the edges, both in front of and behind the binding. This reduces the inertial mass around the fulcrum to a minimum and significantly enhances the agility of the ski. At the same time, the center ridge allows for a precise dimensioning of the hardness distribution, which leads to an especially harmonious flex on the ski. Despite the weight savings, the 3D.Ridge ensures that there are no compromises in the ski‘s durability and elasticity.

BASE P-TEX 4504:

ski tech base p tex 4504

A sintered, ultra-high molecular polyethylene base with an extremely high density. Besides a great wear resistance and perfect wax absorption the P-Tex 4504 is extremely fast and exclusively used on our top of the line and race models. The material has been upgraded with special additives to make it thermal and electro-conductive and proves its qualities with premium glide and maximum speed in races.


ski tech full sensor woodcore

The full sensor construction features hard wood in the binding area but - contrary to the speedwall woodcore - under the screws and in the outer areas a lighter wood. This results in a very sporty and agile skiing characteristics.


ski tech full sidewall

Direct and strong powertransmission with full length sidewalls.


ski tech tailored carbon tips 1

In this innovative manufacturing process the new Tailored Carbon Tips are produced by embroidering the individual carbon fibers onto a carrier material. This allows them to be positioned exactly along the stress lines, opening up completely new possibilities, for performance at the front of the ski, which has a decisive influence on the handling of the ski. The stiffness, torsion and thus the skiing characteristics can be specifically adjusted via the fiber thickness and millimeter-precise alignment. In this way, the fibers guide the dynamics to the areas of the ski where they are needed. The visibly integrated Tailored Carbon Tips are light, allow an agile shovel reaction with less effort and quickly build up energy. The Tailored Carbon Tips thus reach a new level of precision, direct tip response and active skiing pleasure.


ski tech tailored carbon tips and tails

In this construction carbon fibers are no longer incorporated as a uniform fleece. They are integrated through a stitching process in such a way that their orientation and strength meet the functional requirements of each part of the ski. As the tip and the tail are the most influencial sections on a ski the carbon fibres are concentrated exactly in these areas. As a result the power transmission is extremely precise and liveliness and energy are accesible with minimal effort.


More damping and stability over the full length of the ski Power on the Edge Strength for the mounting platform Damping over the full length Light & strong carbon tips


ski tech woodcore

Special PU construction with a wooden core in the ski body.


ski tech ipt lowride xl

Especially for wider skis: 10 mm lower stand height for increased agility and better edge grip KEY FACTS // separated toe and heel for free flex of the ski center // less effort to bend the ski // quicker edge change // more agile in short turns RANGE OF USE Hard & mixed snow

R1-Tip, R2-Waist, R3-Tail
Weight With or Without Binding
167(R1) 21, (R2) 13, (R3) 18132-84-1152797 g
172(R1) 23, (R2) 14, (R3) 19132-84-1152852 g
177(R1) 24, (R2) 15, (R3) 21132-84-1152880 g
182(R1) 26, (R2) 16, (R3) 22132-84-1152918 g


All Mountain




Tip & Tail Rocker


3D Full Sensor Woodcore


P-Tex 4504




Men's , Women's , Youth


Ambitious , Expert , Professional




Volkl Deacon V-Werks Lowride 2024

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All-mountain at its best. Featuring Völkl’s innovative tailored carbon tips and tails, the ultra-..

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