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Yonex Yonex Smooth 2023

Yonex Smooth 2023

Normal Camber Yonex board. 4/5 flex rating. Perfect for an Intermediate-Advanced..
C$1,249.99 C$999.99
Sale -20%
Yonex Yonex 4XP 2023

Yonex 4XP 2023

EasyRide Camber Yonex board. 3/5 flex-rating. Perfect for a strong beginner-inte..
C$1,099.99 C$879.99
Yonex Yonex Smooth 2024

Yonex Smooth 2024

Loved by all. A Smooth riding board for all ability levels. A genuine balanced, ..
Sale -30%
K2 K2 Alchemist 2023

K2 Alchemist 2023

The North Star in the K2 Snowboarding snowboard offering, and the marquee of the..
C$799.99 C$559.99
Yonex Yonex Rev 2024

Yonex Rev 2024

A high resilience + ultra-lightweight swing weight structured Japanese-made snow..
Sale -20%
Yonex Yonex Stylaholic 2023

Yonex Stylaholic 2023

Normal Camber Yonex board with a 4/5 flex rating. Ideal for riders who want a "p..
C$1,199.99 C$959.99
Sale -30%
Slash Slash Brainstorm 2023

Slash Brainstorm 2023

Ridden by backcountry freestyle legends Manuel Diaz and Geoff Brown, this board ..
C$649.99 C$454.99
Yonex Yonex Stylaholic 2024

Yonex Stylaholic 2024

Whether you're landing big air in the park, or jibbing perfectly placed side-hit..
Yonex Yonex Rev 2023

Yonex Rev 2023

Ultimate Camber Yonex board. The pros ride it, but who says you can't as well? I..
Yonex Yonex 4XP 2024

Yonex 4XP 2024

High performance, easy to ride, AND easy to land tricks? It's no lie, the 4XP ca..
Sale -20%
Nidecker Nidecker Score 2023

Nidecker Score 2023

Playful progressive all-mountain board. Ideal for riders who want to improve...
C$469.99 C$375.99
Slash Slash ATV 2023

Slash ATV 2023

The Slash ATV is one of the world's best all-mountain snowboard. The new 2023 fe..
Sale -20%
Nidecker Nidecker Thruster 2023

Nidecker Thruster 2023

All-mountain board ideal for all snow conditions and terrain. Stability is the n..
C$699.99 C$559.99
K2 K2 Alchemist 2024

K2 Alchemist 2024

Engineered for high-speed freeriding, the K2 Alchemist Snowboard takes on a dire..
K2 K2 Excavator 2024

K2 Excavator 2024

Sporting a broad nose and subtle swallowtail, the Excavator showcases a fluid al..
Sale -25%
Sims Sims STF 2023

Sims STF 2023

The STF is a long-nosed twin tip, designed by Tadashi to float through the deepe..
C$749.99 C$562.99
Sale -20%
K2 K2 Party Platter 2023

K2 Party Platter 2023

The K2 Party Platter is purpose-built to be a daily driver for slashing berms, l..
C$569.99 C$455.99
Sale -20%
Nidecker Nidecker Sensor Plus 2023

Nidecker Sensor Plus 2023

C$649.99 C$519.99
Sale -25%
Sims Sims ATV 2023

Sims ATV 2023

The ATV. One board. All the vibes.
C$674.99 C$505.99
Sale -25%
K2 K2 Manifest  W 2023

K2 Manifest W 2023

K2 has re-shaped the Manifest for the 2022-2023 season. Its DNA remains similar,..
C$649.99 C$487.50

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